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Breconwood is a community of 88 twinhomes in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is located just a half mile from Lake Minnetonka and a short walk to the crossroads of Highway 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard (known as “Ty Abel’s Corner”), which offers a unique collection of shops and services. Our residents enjoy the privacy of a mature suburban setting, the many conveniences of association living, and the company of like-minded neighbors. 

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April Breconwood Newsletter

Submitted by Nan Nicolle

April Breconwood Board Meeting

April 8, 2014

Present: D. Olmsted, J. Broun, J. Warner, I. Kostka, C. Buikema, C. Flynn, J. Jones, S. Trucker and N. Nicolle.

Guests: D. and O. Gatz and P. Jones.

Secretary’s Report, S. Trucker: A correction was made to the March minutes stating that the problem with the furnace replacement at 17700 Breconwood Road was due to the size of the blower motor. J. Jones moved the minutes be accepted, I. Kosta, second and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun: One dues remains unpaid from March, 2014. If you need any information for the sale of your home, please email Jon at jtbroun@gmail.com. If your By-laws book is not up to date, the Board would be happy to review your copy and make the necessary corrections at no cost. We received our check from Hennepin County for the use of our land for the Highway 101 project. Our CD matured at Wings Financial in March and it was renewed for another 12 months at .65%. The Long Range Plan will be discussed at the May meeting and an email will be sent prior to the discussion.

Pool and Tennis Court, S. Trucker: We are now at full capacity for our volunteer pool team with the additions of George Klacan and Cliff Buikema. Our team consists of Paul Giel, Mike and Sue Holmquist, Jon Broun, Sarah and Nate Olmsted and George and Cliff. Thanks to you all. A meeting will be held to go over the basics as soon as the pool is filled and balanced..

Trees and Landscape, C. Flynn: Steve with TreeCare will be here to do a Spring walk-around. Sherry at Landecon will look at the areas where we lost trees and we will be filling in the low areas.

Lawn and Snow, I. Kostka and P. Jones: Paul will walk with the lawn service to survey winter damage. We discussed the problem of the plows breaking the Comcast boxes and how to get them fixed.

Architectural, C. Buikema:   Discussion regarding furnace areas and manufacturer requirements followed. All furnace/ac contractors installing in Breconwood/Minnetonka need to pull a permit and have furnace/ac installation approved by the City of Minnetonka Mechanical inspector prior to installation. The Board discussed the need for a uniform appearance to the windows on our Units.

Maintenance, J. Warner:  Grussing Roofing is preparing their estimate for the siding projects for this year. They hope to start work in Late May and finish by mid-July. After these estimates are reviewed and projects approved, a letter will be sent to each homeowner involved. Since we won’t have a handyman on the job until mid-May, you may get paint from Joan and do a door, etc. yourself. Brick and masonry repair work should start any day now. We have had an immense amount of repair estimated for this season. Joan has requested information from our contractor to get an idea as to how much of the damage was done due to the lack of gutters. Granted they need to be kept clean, but they do help to preserve our home’s exteriors as well as preventing sidewalks and patios from losing their foundations. Remember to fill out a maintenance request form or contact your street captain when you see a need for repairs that come under the Association’s responsibility. Perhaps start a list as you do your “Spring clean-up” and pass it on to your street captain

Old Business, We discussed the problem of frozen pipes and it was decided that a thin stream of water should be continued until April 30th since the frost isn't out of the ground yet. The Association thawed 5 of the 8 homes with frozen pipes this winter.

New Business:  There was discussion as to the number of Board members. We now have 9, we can have as many as 11. We will be open to suggestions of people who might be interested in becoming Board members .S. Trucker noted that, if you wish to borrow any of the tables in the pool house, for the garage sale,  you must contact either her or Orv Gatz so that you will be signed up and your table(s) will be available. As of this newsletter, all of the tables have been reserved.

Of Special note:

Spring Garage Sale will be May 8,9,10, 8:00 to 4:00. Parking is only on 1 side of the street.

Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 27th Council Chambers.

Welcome new resident Katie Moe!

Hennepin County will be starting a 3 year "project" of upgrading Hwy 101 and Mtka Blvd through Hwy 12 Wayzata. They will be starting near the 101 entrance to Breconwood adding sidewalks which will affect the current landscaping. Breconwood will be receiving compensation as mentioned in the treasurer's report. The plan is to re landscape our entrance once the street work is done.



  • The Breconwood Ladies’ Luncheon is held the first Wednesday of the month at D’Aimco’s in Wayzata at 11:30 a.m.  Call Gwen McKernan if you have questions.


  • The Reader’s Book Group meets the third Saturday of the month – social time at 9:30 a.m. with the book discussion at 10:00 to 11:00 a.m Call Nan Nicolle if you are interested in attending. For May, we are reading Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.


  • Men’s Breakfast Group  meets at the Beanhaven in Deephaven on Fridays at 9:30 am. Questions – call Bob Haskin.



Garage Sale

Posted 4/9/2014 by Irene Kostka

The Spring community garage sale in Breconwood will be held Thursday, May 8 - Friday, May 9 - and Saturday May 10. The hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or whenever you want to close up.

Advertising will be done on Craig's List and in local publications.


Still Running Water?

Posted 4/9/2014

The general consensus is that we need to keep running a pencil thin stream of water until April 30.

I know it seems odd when we have ground showing and temperatures rising but the frost is not out of the ground.

Thanks for the cooperation on this situation.


Are You Having Property Issues With A Neighbor?

Posted 4/8/2014 by Sally Trucker

Attend a workshop Wednesday, May 7, 5:30–6:30 p.m. in the Minnehaha Room at Minnetonka City Hall, to learn about the options available to address property issues between neighbors.

To view more information on this news story, please visit this news story online.


Estate Sale

Posted 4/2/2014

There will be an estate sale on Saturday, April 12th and Sunday April 13th from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M at 17640 Breconwood Road.


Still Not Out of the Woods

Posted 3/28/2014 by Irene Kostka

Please continue running a pencil thin stream of water in your lower level sink or tub.

The consensus seems to be that residents who have had a frozen pipe and had it thawed need to continue running water until the end of April. Your pipes could refreeze now as easily as a month ago.

Other residents need to run water at least until the middle of April and to be safer to the end of April.

There is no crystal ball here and no one is sure the frost is above the freezing point for many pipes. I'm going to leave mine run.


Dealing With Buckthorn

Posted 3/26/2014 by Joe Dzurik

Last fall, a neighbor pointed out that we had much buckthorn in the common area behind our townhome. He gave me some great tips on identifying and removing buckthorn. I removed 5 truckloads of branches. Now, when the snow melts, I will remove more and kill the remaining stumps. It will take up to 5 years to completely remove it because the seeds in the ground will germinate up to 5 years. 

Why get rid of Buckthorn?

This plant is an invasive species that grows quickly and chokes out valuable native species. It grows low at first, choking out ground cover plants and then grows as large as medium size trees, blocking sun and taking soil nutrients from surrounding ground cover and bushes. If you have Buckthorn on or near your property, it should be cut down and killed/removed. 

There is much information on Buckthorn on the City of Minnetonka web site. Just go to the section on the left side called Property and Development, and click on Natural Resources, then follow this path:  Native Habitat restoration>>>Invasive species>>>>Woody invasive plant>>>Buckthorn

A 2 hour talk was given to the public last Wednesday by Janet Van Sloun who works for the City. This covered much on Buckthorn. She is a great resource. The next talk is on Garlic Mustard, another invasive species. 

The best time to identify Buckthorn is October-December. The leaves stay on the branches in a green color while the other trees/bushes have lost leaves or changes color. The best time to kill or remove Buckthorn is anytime but Spring when the plant starts to grow. I will be killing and removing the remaining buckthorn in the next few weeks when the snow is just about gone, but no later than April 30. I am just learning about Buckthorn but will gladly share the information I have with you. Just look up the contact information in the Breconwood Directory.   


March Breconwood Newsletter

Posted 3/21/2014 by Nan Nicolle


HOA Board Meeting

Held March 11, 2014

Present: D. Olmsted, J. Broun, J. Warner, I. Kostka, J. Jones, C. Buikema and S. Trucker

Absent: C. Flynn and N. Nicolle

Maintenance, J. Warner: We have talked to our siding contractor and he will be looking at the proposed properties for siding work this year and sending his proposal as soon as the snow melts. We hope to start the project in May. See item #10 on our newly revised Architectural Control Guidelines regarding the responsibility of the Homeowner to provide adequate ventilation for their furnace. We discussed the replacement of furnace fences after re-siding and the problems with certain models which impacted the air flow around the furnace and how to correct this. It is important to keep the drains clear and residents have been seeing to this.

Snow and Lawn, P. Jones: We discussed the purchase of submersible pumps to place in areas where  drainage is a problem due to frozen ground and melting snow. Northern Hydraulics has one for $39.95. Irene will buy one for herself and see how it works. The Association may purchase one (or more) if this solves the problem.

Special Projects, D. Olmsted: The drainage situation behind homes in some areas will bediscussed as soon as Cliff, Irene and Joan can have access and assess the areas.

Old Business: The Spring Garage Sale will be May 8th.

Continue to run your water until April 1st Several homes in Breconwood have had frozen pipes. The Association will no longer thaw the pipes unless the Homeowner will agree to run the water after the pipes are thawed. The ground thaws from the bottom up. It is believed that the City will shut off water to a home, if requested, where the homeowner will be gone for a period of time. We discussed the need for some water shut-offs to be made more accessible.

The City brought the contracts to Duane stating the conditions for the improvements to Highway 101 and they were signed and notarized. We will be receiving a check for $10,400 which Jon will put into a separate fund. This will cover rental of the common area on the corner and disruption of our 101 entrance during construction. In addition the City will cover the variable cost of moving the sprinkler system, the big rocks and replacing the sod.

Cliff reported on the policy of the City regarding dogs: a dog is considered “potentially dangerous” after one bite and “dangerous” after a second. The City does not remove dogs, but the Association has the ability to set our own limits.

Cliff reported that the Fire Department would probably come to our community to demonstrate CPR techniques. We discussed the possibility of having this done at the pool or tennis court when the weather improves.


Special Note: Don't Stop Running The Water Yet!!!

Submitted by Irene Kostka

Up to now Breconwood has experienced 8 homes where water line pipes in the street have frozen. Below is an excerpt from the Minnetonka City website regarding frozen pipes and what a homeowner can do to prevent them.

Here’s what to do if you are concerned about water line pipes freezing:

  • Run your cold water continuously at a rate of one gallon every four minutes – about the stream width of a pencil. The cold water should be run from the lowest point in your home. In Breconwood any first floor faucet would work.
  • If your pipes have already frozen and been thawed, it’s essential to keep water running continuously. Turning the water off, even for a few minutes, could cause the once-frozen line to refreeze. Pipes that have frozen once are likely to refreeze if water is not run continuously.
  • Once the outside temperatures rise above freezing, don’t stop running your water. It will take frost much longer to leave the ground than just a few days of above-freezing temperatures.

The Association will notify residents when it's safe to stop running water.


March Resident Interview: Lauren Clugh

Written by our Roving Reporter, Nan Nicolle

Lauren grew up and lived in the Chicago area until she was married.  She was raised by her dad and in the summers she would go to her Aunt's cabin in northern WI. She and her cousins loved exploring  and biking in the sandy soil. In high school, Lauren's first paid job was as a waitress in a small local restaurant. She was active in the Dundee Scots Marching Band in the color guard. The band traveled to Winnipeg and even made records of their performances. After receiving an associate’s degree, she married and had 2 daughters. She and her husband moved to St. Louis where they bought an accounting franchise business. It was ahead of its time using computers to create financial statements for small businesses. After a divorce and her children were grown, Lauren decided to finish her undergraduate degree, got a degree in accounting and passed the CPA exam. She graduated the same year as her oldest daughter. Lauren had a great trip as part of her graduate studies traveling to China where she saw the Great Wall. It was also interesting to see the "improvements" the Chinese made to their towns and villages due to the upcoming Olympics. Her kids offered her either a bike or golf clubs as a graduation present. She picked the bike (cheaper and easier to learn) which led to a future of 70 mile bike rides and bike trips to Europe. About 10 years ago, due to a better job market, Lauren moved to Mpls where she was an accounting contractor. About 2 years ago she took a position at PPH Home Loans as their controller. Other interests are gardening, reading and spending lots of time with her 2 grandkids who live by Deephaven Beach. Lauren's other daughter and her 3 kids live in St. Louis where Lauren visits often. If Lauren could have dinner with anyone, it would be her dad. They had similar interests and she'd like to know how he felt about raising a child alone.  A talent she'd like to have is to be able to sing so someone would want to listen. She likes to listen to Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. Lauren would have liked to be present when her Pillsbury ancestors came to the US; part of the family went to Missouri and another to Mpls. She wants to know what influenced them to come to Mpls. The Pillsburys were a well-known family on Lake Minnetonka and were one of the founders of the flour milling business. Lauren moved to Breconwood due to its country atmosphere with the lake, woods, pool, and tennis court. She feels like she's on vacation every time she comes home! Good perspective! One of the most unique interests of Lauren's is that for the last 50 years she has kept a daily journal! She notes current events, trips, family activities etc.  Hope my name gets in there...


Monthly Events

  • The Breconwood Ladies’ Luncheon is held the first Wednesday of the month at D’Aimco’s in Wayzata at 11:30 a.m.  Call Gwen McKernan if you have questions.
  • The Reader’s Book Group meets the third Saturday of the month – social time at 9:30 a.m. with the book discussion at 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.  Call Nan Nicolle if you are interested in attending. For April, we are reading Madonnas of Leningrad.

  • Men’s Breakfast Group meets at the Beanhaven in Deephaven on Fridays at 9:30 am. Questions – call Bob Haskin.


Remembering Mary Rasula

Posted 3/19/2014

Mary Rasula, wife of Walter Rasula, passed away Sunday morning.  She suffered from an Astrocytoma Brain Tumor since May 2011 and was on Home Hospice the last eighteen months. A Commital Service was conducted Sunday in their home, 17860 Tioga with their four children and grandchildren present. Services Celebrating Her Life will be held at Minnetonka Faith Presbyterian Church on Excelsior Blvd this Friday, March 21 at 11AM.


A Long Winter

Posted 3/17/2014

The Association would like to thank all the people who have worked to keep things moving in Breconwood this winter.

Paul Jones who's in charge of SNOW has had an ongoing battle with snow and ice this season. It hasn't been easy but he has kept his sense of humor.

Another ongoing situation has been the frozen water pipes on Comstock and Brigham Trail. Thanks goes to Sandra Greenway, Orv Gatz, Duane Olmsted and Ron Kostka for the time and effort dealing with contractors and contacting neighbors.

Storm drains were piled so high with snow and ice it took days to unthaw and open all of them. Thanks to Mary Klacan, Jon Broun, Teresa Hillson and Nan Nicolle.

Breconwood is a great place to live.


Beautiful Pool Needs Helpers

Posted 3/16/2014 by Sally Trucker

The Pool Committee is looking for volunteers to spend one day a week, for about one to two hours a day, beginning when the pool opens. No experience necessary, on-the-job training!  If interested, please call Sally Trucker at 952-475-2967.  


And More Frozen Pipes

Posted 3/05/2014 by Irene Kostka

The threat of frozen pipes from the street to residences in Breconwood is not over because it's warming up a bit outside. The frost will continue to be deep into the ground for several more weeks.

Today we had one more report of no water at a residence on Comstock. The best chance of avoiding this happening is to run a thin stream of water 24/7.


Who Shovels The Roof?

Posted 2/25/2014 by Joan Warner

If you have concerns over the amount of snow on your roof or are starting to get leakage inside, I suggest you call Grussing Roofing 952 935-0557 and have them remove the excess snow. They are reasonable in price and have a good relationship with our association. 

The association is not responsible for ice dams, snow removal on roofs or leaking skylights. If there is something wrong with the roof itself such as missing shingles, it is the responsibility of the association.


Frozen Pipes

Posted 2/22/2014 by Irene Kostka

Within the last 10 days 3 residences in Breconwood have experienced no water for several days due to frozen pipes between the residence and the street. The homes involved were on Brigham Trail and now have water restored after pipes were heated until open.

Problem: Frozen pipes between homes and the street are quite common in Minnetonka and many other cities in the metro area. The freeze up is due to the frost line being down approximately 6 feet.

After the Brigham Trail pipes were opened the plumber said the best thing that we could do now is to have every resident in Breconwood run a stream of water 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the frostline comes up. He said that's what he would do in his neighborhood.

Volunteers are calling all residents this week-end to tell them these details and encourage cooperation.

If you are an out-of-town resident I encourage you to have the person who watches your house oversee running your water.

The problem is so widespread throughout the area that if we have another freeze it could take 2 to 3 weeks to get someone out who can deal with our issues. That would mean no water for 2 or 3 weeks. We called several places before we could find a contractor to take a look and diagnose and fix.

If you have questions regarding this message please e-mail Irene Kostka at irene_kostka@comcast.net




Safety First

Posted 1/29/2014

Let's all give a little thought to safety this winter.

The high snow banks and slippery roads in Breconwood are a very good reason to slow down when driving in Breconwood. 

In some areas neighbors can't see you on the street when they're backing out of their driveways. So if you're walking, stop if necessary. If you're driving slow down or stop if necessary until you see what's going to happen next. 

Drivers please be careful of walkers and dogs. Give them the right of way if you can. It's cold out and they are your neighbors.

Another important thing to remember is that there is no overnight parking anywhere on Breconwood streets.




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