Who we are

Breconwood is a community of 88 twinhomes in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is located just a half mile from Lake Minnetonka and a short walk to the crossroads of Highway 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard (known as “Ty Abel’s Corner”), which offers a unique collection of shops and services. Our residents enjoy the privacy of a mature suburban setting, the many conveniences of association living, and the company of like-minded neighbors. 

Homeowners only




Posted July 22, 2014 Submitted by Nan Nicolle

Some local FYI's: If you need to get rid of unwanted medicine or related medical items, there is a drop box at the HN County Court Ridgedale –Hrs:  M-Th 10AM-9PM, Fri & Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun noon-5PM

Fun outdoor concerts at the Wayzata Depot- The 2014 Summer Concert Series will take place Wednesday evenings in July from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

July 30 | The Tuxedo Band


Because of the expanded use of the pool we will be monitoring the pool more closely and asking you to be more aware of the rules regarding pool use. More than one complaint and you may lose your pool privileges.

A reminder of some of the rules which are necessary because there is no lifeguard on duty:

No child under 16 without an adult and a resident (or an adult resident).

No radio, stereo, etc. without ear plugs.

No large rafts, floats, etc. in pool.

No swimming after 10 p.m.

Please replace furniture after use.

No running on deck or diving in the pool.

In addition, the following will be implemented:

No more than 5 guests without approval of the Pool Committee.

The pool is for the pleasure of residents (defined as person or persons living in Breconwood I or Breconwood II) and not to entertain guests in their absence.

Please call Sally Trucker if you feel these requests are being ignored. 

Submitted by: Chairman (Sally Trucker, 952-475-2967)


Monthly Board Meeting: July 2014

Present: D. Olmsted, J. Broun, S. Trucker, I. Kostka, J. Warner, J. Jones, N. Nicolle, C. Buikema, G. Klacan and K. McKnight

Guests: D. and O. Gatz and H. Campbell

Guests, H. Campbell: The resident at 17917 Brigham Trail contacted us with 2 insurance claims; one for frozen pipes and one for damage to the siding which allowed moisture to seep into the house. Our insurance company denied both claims. Discussion followed regarding responsibility and a final motion was passed that the brickwork being contracted by the resident involved would need to match up to the standards of our normally used brick/masonry repair company.

H. Campbell then gave us an update on the warranty and quality of our shingles and noted that he would be resigning as our insurance coordinator.

Architecture, C Buikema: Discussion was begun on a new format for the presentation of the Association Rules and Regulations. J. Warner stated that rules have been formulated over the years, but never formally recorded and it is now proposed that we clarify these rules and see that every Owner gets a copy and that it be a “living” document and updated annually. 

The Board restated and repassed a regulation that has been in effect but has not come up for discussion in recent years. This regulation reads as follows: 

Automobile and Recreational Vehicle Storage: No recreational vehicle, boat, snowmobile, trailer or unlicensed motor vehicle may be kept on any Lot except within a garage. Storage of boats, trailers, snowmobiles, buses or other vehicles other than operative automobiles on streets, driveways, or common areas is prohibited. The Association will decide on any other parked, stored, etc. items/vehicles that are not included in the preceding list. Automobiles are defined as those vehicles licensed as automobiles, that can fit into the closed garage, and do not carry commercial advertising. An inoperative auto is defined as an automobile that is not driven and does not leave the complex more than twice a month and/or does not have current license tags. Temporary storage on the driveway of less than seven days will be permitted if the adjoining roofmate is contacted and agrees prior, along with the Association permission – a permit will be issued to be shown on the vehicle.

Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun:

· All dues current for June 

· As repairs continue throughout the summer, expenses continue to be line with budget 

· Any Questions – Please contact Jon Broun at jtbroun@gmail.com


Newsletter, N Nicolle: The interview this month will be Duane Olmsted.

Trees, G. Klacan: 10 residents have requested tree trimming. 2 dead trees belonging to Lifetime will be discussed again. Some dead bushes by Breconwood II will be removed. George places the priority of work as: 1.) removal of dead trees, 2.) branches touching houses, 3.) planting of new trees. Stumps are not a high priority.

Landscape, K. McKnight: The Landscape budget was discussed and the maintenance of the Minnetonka Blvd. entrance and which areas are sprinkled, as Kerry familiarizes himself with his responsibilities as the new chair of Landscaping.

Lawn, I. Kostka: Off to a good start with Brookside – some complaints, but many compliments. We will be seeding this month and, after new growth starts, weed killer will again be put down. Remember to contact Irene when you have comments about the lawn service DO NOT call Brookside directly. Reminder: if cars, or any obstructions are on the driveway or grass, lawn workers can choose not mow anywhere near them. Also breakable items should be removed on mowing day. We are not responsible for breakage.

Maintenance, J. Warner: We are in the midst of residing the buildings – 2 were done on Tioga Tr. and 3 are scheduled for Brigham Tr. and 2 for Breconwood Rd. this year. One has been resided on Brigham Tr. and they are in the process of siding the second building. Painting of the buildings has not started. C. Woods is completing his list of repairs for this season other than new ones that are always cropping up such as woodpecker holes, etc. He will start driveway cracks shortly. Brickwork/masonry work on the 2014 contract has been completed. We are assessing the roofs at this time in order to plan on future maintenance expenses in order to increase their longevity.

Old Business: I. Kostka reported on the plans for repairing the drainage north of Breconwood Road. Work will begin on the area between the pool and 17730 Breconwood Rd. next week. A drainage field will be placed behind 17730/17710 Breconwood Rd. and a new drain placed behind 17660 Breconwood Rd. (at owner’s expense). Still no response from Breconwood II regarding drainage problem at 17705/11 Breconwood Rd. We are continuing with plans to correct the situation.

New Business: The Board decided to opt out of Neighbors Nite Out and continue with our usual Fall Party held in late September/early October.

A board member presented an idea for a Fall Art and Garden Walk in Breconwood. It would be held Saturday, 8/16 from 11 to 4. Residents who have art or gardens can show and sell their work. This is a juried show so all arts and crafts and gardens must be approved by the committee. The show will be outdoors and the art would be moved indoors in case of rain. The event would be advertised on the Breconwood website and Newsletter. Invitations would be extended to friends and artists/gardeners. Low key directional signs would be placed at the entrances to direct traffic and parking requirements. We would like this to become an annual event.

The August meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 12th at 6:30 p.m. in the Minnetonka Mills Room of the Community Center.

Nan’s Interview:  Duane Olmsted

Duane grew up in Eagan and Bloomington and as you might have noticed, he likes sports! In school, he participated in soccer and track. His favorite "adult" sport is sailing with wife, Sarah, and son, Nate, at the Wayzata Yacht Club. 

Not surprisingly, Duane's dream job would be as a sail boat designer. Duane's first job was as a paperboy and his current one is Project Manager with Starkey. 

A dream destination for Duane would be a trip to the British Virgin Islands (probably involving a sailboat!) Most interesting past travel was to Florence, Italy.

 If Duane could have a dinner with anyone, it would be Jimmy Buffet. A talent he would like is to play the guitar… maybe play with Jimmy Buffet?!  Along the musical theme, he would have liked to attend the first Woodstock in the 70's. 

Duane likes Breconwood for its sense of community and the location close to both the Wayzata and Minnetonka Yacht Clubs. In case you missed this fact, Duane has been the president of our board for the past 4 years. This is often a thankless job but which Duane has dealt with common sense and fair spirit. We're lucky to have him and his family in Breconwood!




  • The Breconwood Ladies’ Luncheon is held the first Wednesday of the month at D’Aimco’s in Wayzata at 11:30 a.m.  Call Gwen McKernan if you have questions.


  • The Reader’s Book Group meets the third Saturday of the month – social time at 9:30 a.m. with the book discussion at 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.  Call Nan Nicolle if you are interested in attending- no book club in August but will resume in September.


  • Men’s Breakfast Group  meets at the Beanhaven in Deephaven on Fridays at 9:30 am. Questions – call Bob Haskin.


Volunteer Painting

Posted 7/7/2014

Submitted by Lori Johnson, Painting Co-Captain

Volunteer painting in Breconwood kicks off on Tuesday, July 8th at 4:45. Painters will meet at Lori Swanson's at 17805 Tioga to get instructions and supplies.

All volunteers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Doesn't matter if you're a beginning painter. You'll be painting fences and learn as you go. Wear old clothes, sunglasses and bring something to drink.


Yard and Garden Debris Pick-Up

Posted 7/5/2014

Monday, July 7 is the next scheduled pick-up for yard and garden debris.

Please no plastic bags. Place debris far enough away from trash so that it's obvious which is which.

Thank you.


Are You The Neighbor?

Posted 6/30/2014
Submitted by Mike Dale

Some time ago, maybe a month or two, a man walking his dog in Breconwood heard Mike Dale mention that he worked at Westdale Florist. The man walking the dog then said he had hoped to get that job. Mike would like to connect with that person. Mike will be needing a replacement at Westdale while he takes a medical leave.


June Breconwood Newsletter

Posted 6/24/2014                                                


Present:  D. Olmsted, J. Warner, I. Kostka, C. Buikema, J. Jones, S. Trucker, N Nicolle, K. McKnight and G. Klacan

Absent: J. Broun

Guests:  D. Gatz, P. Jones, D. Dennett and D. MacRae

The first order of business was to install George Klacan as a Board member.  J. Jones made a motion that he join the Board, second by S. Trucker and the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun: All dues current for month of May. If you have any questions on paperwork needed to be completed for the sale of your townhome, please email Jon Broun atjtbroun@gmail.com.

Website, I. Kostka: Anyone who is having trouble getting into the website please email Irene and she will help you by sending you a password which you can use until you set up your own.  Some residents feel they are not being treated fairly because they don’t have a computer.  It was suggested that they contact a neighbor for website info.  We have many new residents and most have signed up.  If anyone needs an authorization form, contact Irene.

Pool and Tennis Court, S. Trucker:   When a pool sign up sheet is full, please place it under the new sheets and she will pick it up. There are no dogs allowed in the pool area at all.

Trees and Landscaping, C. Flynn is no longer on the Board, but she sent a report stating that TreeCare has been in the neighborhood and removed several dead trees.  She is still waiting on Lifetime to respond to the dead tree on their property alongside Breconwood Rd.  Thanks to G. Kleckner for the mulch.

G. Klacan (who will take over the Tree Chairmanship) reported that there are about 117 ash trees in Breconwood.  We might raise the tree budget to accommodate the future removal of some of these trees, if it becomes necessary, due to the Ash Borer problem.  We will plan to keep certain specimen ash trees and treat them in order to save them.

Lawn, I. Kostka:  Brookside did a very nice job mowing, etc. last week and also on the debris pick-up this week.  Residents need to use only paper bags, no plastic bags will be picked up in the future.  The debris pick-up after this will be the first Monday of the month.  Have bags out by 8 a.m.  Rough areas may have had to be weed whipped.  They use 3 sizes of mowers and go slowly.  Residents have approved.  Any questions, call Irene. 

Special reminder: if you have questions about the lawn work, please contact Irene Kostka and do not deal directly with the lawn company. This will assure the best outcome for lawn work and eliminate any miscommunictions.

Maintenance, J. Warner:  The siding crew will begin work on 2 homes on Tioga Tr. next week.  Dumpsters will be located at homes being resided.  Brickwork is finishing this week.  C. Woods has completed the items on Tioga Tr. and he will begin work on Breconwood Rd. and then do fences on BrighamTr.  Joan has contacted a firm to check the condition of our roofs for a second opinion as to whether we need to begin budgeting for special maintenance on them.  W. Rasula will be taking over as Street Captain for Tioga Tr. Thanks again to Bill Woods for his years’ of service as Street Captain.  He will continue to focus his efforts on other areas of Breconwood.

Special Projects, I. Kostka:  Drainage projects will be going ahead in June on the north side of Breconwood Rd.  Breconwood II has been contacted regarding the drainage problem at 17705/17711 Breconwood Rd.  

The board is working on making a list of the most important 10 rules for our community with less loopholes and better methods of informing residents.

Old Business:  P. Jones researched the question of putting up a flagpole at the triangle on Breconwood Rd.  He presented some “ball park” figures with regard to cost:  a 5’ x 8’ flag would run around $50.00, a 25’ pole, $725.00 and LED lighting about $1000.00 for a total of around $1775.00.  The Board felt it was important to take into consideration the objection of a nearby resident that the light (all night) would bother her.  Perhaps locate the flag in a different area.  A motion was made and seconded that the flag be placed in a different area, motion passed and a second motion was made that we wait until the 101 project is completed and incorporate a flag in the landscaping at that time. That motion was also passed.  Thanks to Paul for his research.

Roads, J. McKernan:  It will be a week or so before the bids come in on the pot hole filling on Breconwood Rd., Tioga Tr. and Brigham Tr.  No driveways are in the proposal.

Jack feels that we should be budgeting for underground pipe replacement.  The City says they’re good for 100 years, but we shouldn’t count on that because of the soil conditions.  Another question is: are we paying too much in City taxes since we don’t get all the City services that other Minnetonka residents get?

D. MacRae questioned whether or not the lawn people will do weed control in the rocks and it was believed that they would.

New Business:  Discussion was held regarding Board positions.  J. Warner would like to finish this year and then be in charge of capital projects only and turn over daily maintenance.  She would remain in charge of the budget.  Other positions were given to K. McKnight and G. Klacan working together on Trees and Landscape.  Irene would like to give up being Street Captain on Breconwood Rd. next year.

Monthly Events:

  • The Breconwood Ladies' Luncheon is held the first Wednesday of the month at D'Amicos in Wayzata at 11:30 a.m. Call Gwen McKernan if you have questions.
  • The Reader's Book Group meets the third Saturday of the month. Social time begins at 9:30 a.m. with book discussion from 10 to 11. Call Nan Nicolle if you are interested in attending. July's book is The Aviator's Wife.
  • Men's Breakfast Group meets at the Beanhaven Cafe in Deephaven on Fridays at 9:30 a.m.  Questions? Call Bob Haskin.


Lawncare Update

Posted 6/22/2014
Submitted by Irene Kostka

Mowing will take place on Wednesday each week (weather permitting). If you do not wish to have lawn care in your gated area please put up a note telling lawn workers.

Debris pick-up will take place on the first Monday of each month. The next date for a debris pick-up is Monday, July 7, 2014. Please put out your debris bags by 8 in the morning and leave space between bags and trash cans. Use only compostable paper bags, no debris in plastic bags or other types of containers will be picked up. Twigs can be put out in manageable bundles with no ties.


Thanks to the Volunteers

Posted 5/31/2014, Submitted by Irene Kostka

We had lots of help on Saturday morning, May 30, at our 101 entrance for clean up and planting.

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping to weed, cut down dead bushes and even a small tree, plant, and go the extra step to mulch.


Breconwood HOA Annual MeetingMay 27, 2014

Posted 5/31/2014

The Annual Meeting of the Breconwood Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:07 p.m. on May 27, 2014 in the Council Chambers of the Minnetonka City Hall.

Roll Call:  9 Board members present: D. Olmsted, J. Jones, J. Broun, S. Trucker, C. Flynn, I. Kostka, J. Warner, N. Nicolle and C. Buikema.  42 homes were represented.

L. Clugh moved the reading of the minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting be waived and it was so moved. 

President Olmsted welcomed 14 new families to Breconwood since last year’s meeting. 

The Board was introduced to the residents and the committee reports began.

Treasurer J. Broun referred to the review statement available as residents arrived and noted that we were about $1500 over budget due to the cost of our siding project. The long range plan is a brief look at the future and is flexible.  If you have questions you can call or email Jon. President Olmsted called attention to the fact that the automatic withdrawal feature makes it easier for Jon and thanked him for the significant amounts that he has saved Breconwood by keeping a watchful eye on areas where we can cut costs. He noted that, although we have $225,000 in savings, we have a large investment in re-siding and when divided by 88 homes, that is only a little less than $3000 per home.

Maintenance Chairman J. Warner acknowledged and thanked the street captains, I. Kostka, (Breconwood Road) J. Jones, (Brigham Trail) O. Gatz (Comstock Road) and B. Woods (Tioga Trail) for their work in assessing the needs of their individual streets with regard to maintenance. Bill is signing off as Street Captain, and we will certainly miss his diligent and long service, and we will need someone to take over Tioga Trail.

We are still assessing maintenance needs and the captains are still turning in Maintenance Request forms. When you see a need for repairs, please use one of these forms and give it to your captain or Joan. She keeps a file on each building and the work being done on it. Some examples of work being done are, on Tioga Trail alone, 6 buildings needing siding repair, garage trim or garage door painting.  Brick/mortar work is about done for this year. Roof repair is ongoing, with leaks around skylights being billed to the homeowner.  Please address all requests or concerns to Joan, not directly to the workmen (including Chris Woods) as they are required to report only to Joan. 

7 buildings are scheduled to be resided this year, based on need, bringing the total to 22 by the end of the work season. The remaining buildings need to be kept in good repair as we go through the process over the next 4 years. 

We need volunteers to do fence painting in order to save money.  L. Johnson and M. Klacan have offered to head up painting. Thanks to I. and R. Kostka, T. Hillson and P. Jones for their help in the past. They estimate that we have saved about $26,000 over the past 2 years. The painting schedule will be placed on the website. You may do your own painting, if you wish, and supplies will be furnished.

Architectural Chairman C. Buikema and associate, I. Kostka, reported that a major revision was made this year to the Architectural Control Guidelines in order to preserve and encourage individual yard maintenance. There is a form on the website to fill out if you plan architectural changes and this should be turned in to either Cliff or Irene with as much information as possible including plans, drawings, etc. A file will be kept on each unit for history.  

The question of furnace codes has come up recently and the requirements of the City in this regard will come into play when the need for a new furnace is necessary. Be sure a permit is pulled and be assured that, if the need arises in the winter, a furnace may be installed and brought up to code when weather permits. This is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The next discussion was by our Chairman of the lawn maintenance, I. Kostka.  Beginning June 1, our new lawn service will be Brookside Property Services with a 2 year contract. This will include mowing, trimming, blowing leaves and debris, shaping shrubs and bushes, monthly pick up of debris, herbicide and weed killer application, cleaning of storm drains and seeding and sod placement as directed. Debris will be picked up 1 day a month, the day to be announced. Please do not put bags out on any other day, otherwise you will be charged. If you have comments or complaints, please give them to Irene. Do not ask the lawn crew to do special jobs for you. If your car is parked in the driveway, they will not mow next to it.  

Rose Co. has completed all the winter damage repair that they will do, which was some seeding. Some sod replacement will be done in July.

Observe Minnetonka watering rules: odd address, odd days, even address, even days, water only before 11 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Hand watering may be done at any time and new sod may be sprinkled with a permit from the City.  Breconwood pays for water so that all areas in and around your unit will be kept watered, both private and common grounds.

Snow service will be supervised by P. Jones. This will include plowing driveways and roads, sanding entrances, shoveling sidewalks, mailbox areas, fire hydrants and keeping storm drains clear. If your car is parked in the driveway it will not get plowed.

Let Irene know if you have special requests such as no chemicals, no trimming of bushes, etc. If you need a copy of your plat (it should be in the back of your By-laws binder), contact Irene.

Trees and Landscape Chairman C. Flynn reported that her budget of $10,000 for trees gets used up and her budget of $10,000 for landscaping used only $8,000 and the rest was applied to other projects such as siding. Fill out a Landscaping form if you have a request and it will be investigated and you will receive a response. Look at your plat to determine where your property line is located and you may do your own trimming, etc. Our large mature trees require a lot of care (i.e. expense) and it is too expensive to care for the trees down by Shaver’s Lake. 

We have specific guidelines regarding the types of trees that may be planted and volunteers should fill out a request form before working on any common ground and explain what their intentions are with regard to their contribution.  New this year the Association will reimburse residents for seed, etc. used in repairing winter kill areas. 

President Olmsted thanked Christine for her work on the Trees and Landscape Committee and expressed our regret that she is leaving the Board. 

Pool Chairman, S. Trucker reported that the pool had opened on May 23rd and was already in full swing, with Sarah Lemieux being “first in” this year. We had a very successful Memorial Day party. Thanks to Gwen McKernan, Jerry Jones and Merida Woods for help and the website and Newsletter for making it known to all.  

The committee consists of volunteers and they are Paul Giel, Jr. (the Main Man), and Sarah and Nate Olmsted, Jon Broun, Mike and Sue Holmquist and our 2 new “pool boys”, George Klacan and Cliff Buikema. Bill and Merida Woods also keep a close watch over the activities. We must keep a daily log for the City because, even though we are a private pool, we have so many swimmers (over 1550 last year) we are inspected by the City several times a season. Breconwood II contributes to the cost of the pool in order to share in its’ use.

Please follow all the rules located on the side of the pool house, but, most importantly, no diving and no running on the pool deck. Also anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult resident.

Water aerobics will begin on Wednesday, May 28th, at a new time, 5:30 p.m.

Our Website volunteer, Gerry Kleckner, reported that the website is entering its third year and we are very pleased with the response of the community. We have 65 residents signed onto the website. It is an up-to-date source for information on everything involving Breconwood, such as; a resource for the By-laws, Maintenance and Landscape forms, a list of vendors which neighbors recommend, the resident directory (updated continuously) and pertinent information such as what to do about freezing pipes, etc., and the latest Newsletter.

Newsletter Chairman, Nan Nicolle explained that the Newsletter is still needed for those who do not have access to the website and need a paper copy. She thanked Mary Klacan and Gwen McKernan for help in distributing the Newsletter to residents without computer access.

Roads and Driveways volunteer, J. McKernan reported that a proposal will be going out this week for the filling of potholes and sealcoating Breconwood Road and Tioga Trail. Due to the amount of other work that firms have this year, we may have to put up with the potholes until late summer/early fall.

Jack has a schematic of the location of all Brecowood outside water valves and has located the “general area” of all of them. However, as locating these appears to be a small job, including those to be opened, he’s having trouble finding a firm to do so, especially for 17900 Tioga Trail. He’ll keep working on it and, hopefully, locate someone to do the job, since we must have access to the valves and some have been covered up by driveway asphalt.

The next discussion concerned the County’s project of improving Highway 101 from Minnetonka Blvd. to Wayzata. We have learned that the construction will start at McGinty Road so that our area will not be affected this summer.  We have received $10,500 from the County which does not include the replacement of the rock wall and/or the sprinkler systems. The County will be installing a sidewalk, underground wiring and redoing the railroad bridge from Minnetonka Blvd. to McGinty Road. All the information can be found on the Hennepin County website.

It was noted that all volunteer residents are welcome to help out in Breconwood. Make known your skills and desires and find your particular fit.

Harry Campbell, our resident insurance expert, gave us the names of the 3 companies that he has requested bids from on our condominium insurance.  They are: State Farm, Farmer’s and American Family. We have had American Family for the past 3 years. He will have the results in July. He would welcome other suggestions for any other company who wanted to make a bid. 

The next order of business was the election of the Board of Directors. A nomination was made from the floor for Kerry McKnight. Kerry and Pam have lived in Breconwood for one and a half years. Kerry retired from a position as a Contract Design Project Manager in the development of a variety of types of Food Service establishments. He was elected to join the Board by a show of hands by the members present.

The 8 incumbent Board members were elected by a majority and with Kerry making a total of 9 members, the Board still has openings for 2 more members.

Harry Campbell stood to suggest that we place a 20 ft. flagpole on the triangle at Breconwood Road with the American flag on top and the Minnesota flag below. Since the American flag must either be removed at dusk or lighted throughout the night, an objection was raised by a nearby neighbor who felt that the light might be a problem in that it would be too bright all night.  Another suggestion was made that, since the area is already planted, we might look into this project next year. It was decided that Paul Jones would get more information about this subject and bring it to the Board.

There being no further business, it was moved by M. Holmquist and seconded by J. McKernan that the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Breconwood Homeowners Association be adjourned and it was done so at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Trucker, Secretary

cc. Residents, Board members and Jo Callahan


Breconwood HOA Election of Officers

Posted 5/31/2014

Present:  D. Olmsted, J. Broun, S. Trucker, K. McKnight, I. Kostka, J. Warner, N. Nicolle, C. Buikema and J. Jones

The meeting was called to order immediately following the close of the Annual Meeting on May 27, 2014 in the Council Chambers of the Minnetonka City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to elect officers for the Board of Directors of the Breconwood Homeowners Association.

All previous Board members were re-elected and nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were opened. D. Olmsted was nominated and elected President, J. Jones was nominated and elected Vice President, J. Broun was nominated and elected Treasurer and S. Trucker was nominated and elected Secretary. 

That being the end of business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Trucker, Secretary


May Breconwood Newsletter

Posted 5/21/2014, Submitted by Nan Nicolle

Spring has come at last...the urge to stand in the sun, clean up a garden, visit neighbors now "visible" on the street. I use a new set of muscles working in the garden, putting out patio furniture, pulling a heavy hose around cleaning winter dirt.

Monthly Board MeetingMay 13, 2014
Present:  D. Olmsted, J. Broun, J. Warner, I. Kostka, C. Buikema, J. Jones, N. Nicolle and S. Trucker
Absent: C. Flynn
Guests:  D. and O. Gatz , P. McKnight and D. MacRae.
D. MacRae discussed her desire to place either chairs or a bench behind the tennis court to provide another nice place in which to view Shavers Lake.  Debbie and Nan will get more information. As of this newsletter, thanks to Debbie and Irene, we have a bench behind the pool for watching birds on Shaver's Lake.
Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun:  All dues are current for July and we are close to budget for the year. Any questions or forms needing to be filled out regarding the sale of your home, please contact Jon at jtbroun@gmail.com and include your address in the subject line.  Jon would prefer an email to a phone call.  You must use a reimbursement form or your request will be returned.  We were over on the water bill due to the frozen pipes this winter.
The Board discussed the Long Range Plan and the question of a 3% dues increase and Jon stated that the plan was flexible.
Pool and Tennis Court, S. Trucker: The pool company will be emptying, cleaning and filling the pool this week.  Due to the late Spring, we probably won’t be able to open until the week of the 19th.
Trees and Landscaping, C. Flynn:  Tree Care will be in the neighborhood soon to do some tree trimming and maintenance.  We have received a request for trimming behind 17921 Brigham Trail to remove trees away from the unit.  The dead trees along Breconwood Road belonging to Lifetime have been reported to them.  
Lan-De-Con Landscape Co. will be in Breconwood this week or next to place some landscaping in the 2 areas where we lost 2 big trees last year.  They will also plant a Black Hills Spruce tree at 17751 Breconwood Road where another big tree went down. The estimate for this work is $3,097.  S. Holstad has offered to plant and maintain the triangle on Breconwood Rd.  Thanks, Sara and thanks, also to Doris and Orv Gatz for their past care and attention to this area.
Lawn, I. Kostka:  Our new lawn and snow contractor, Brookside Properties, in Bloomington, will begin working in our area on June 1st.  Thanks to P. Jones and I. Kostka for interviewing several and deciding on this company.  Rose Co. will be doing the Spring clean-up, repairing plow damage and applying pre-emergent before their contract is up the end of May. Since the new company is less expensive than Rose Co. Irene would like to suggest that the savings be applied toward the winter kill.
Architecture, C. Buikema: Approval has been given for a sliding glass door at 17860 Tioga Trail.  We met with the furnace installer at 17700 Breconwood Road and a plan was decided upon.  The manufacturer has specific requirements and the City follows these instructions.  They will agree to install a furnace in an emergency (winter) but it would have to be redone in the Spring.
Maintenance, J. Warner:  We are in the process of reviewing the proposals for the siding project for this year.  It now looks like it will be a July start on the 7 buildings scheduled this year.  Letters will be sent to the homeowners involved.  Street captains are inspecting and reporting on their respective streets.  Work will be scheduled for woodpecker holes, fence repairs, etc. as soon as weather permits.  Brickwork and masonry repair is complete on Brigham and Comstock roads.  Repair was needed on the canopy at 17931 Tioga Tr. and a roof leak at 17830 Brigham Tr. where caulk between the garage and the house had deteriorated. Ladders alongside the pool house will be removed and placed in the pool house asap. 
Old Business, I. Kostka:  An old drainage issue at 17711 and 17705 Breconwood Road has become a problem again, causing water to pond and go up onto the patio at 17711.  The residents have asked for help which will require cooperation between Breconwood and Breconwood II.  It is Irene’s recommendation that we ask Distinctive Landscaping to look at the area and tell us what our options are.
We also discussed the update on the drainage problem on the north side of Breconwood Road.  Drain tiles will be installed between the pool building and 17730 Breconwood Road.  This is a holdover from last year and is not included in this year’s budget.  Further work in this area will be done in an effort to pull water away from furnace areas and residences. This work will have to be completed before re-siding can be done to these units. 
New Business:  The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27th, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Minnetonka Community Center.
The June meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 10th at 6:30 p.m. in the Minnetonka Mills Room of the Community Center.
Special Note: It is totally the homeowners responsibility to clear leaves and debris out of the furnace areas. This is important as mice and squirrels love to nest in the leaves and then when it gets colder out they chew their way beneath the furnace ducts into the house. Siding repairs become the owner's personal expense when they neglect their responsibility.
If you are unable to do this work, please ask a neighbor, a relative or hire one of our handymen.
Don’t miss the annual Memorial Day party at the pool on Sunday May 25th from 5 to whenever. BYOB and an appetizer to share.
New Residents since last annual meeting May 2013...
Breconwood Road:
  • Jacqueline Archer
  • Katie Moe
  • Judy and Jim Dick
  • Val and Joe Dzurik
  • Pauline Olsen
  • Jill and Byron Payne
Brigham Trail:
  • Edwin Hansen 
Comstock Road:
  • Sara Holstad
  • Kirk Vesterstein
  • Mary and Tim Munkeby
Tioga Trail:
  • Debbie and Ken Hoops
  • Cathy and Ben Arriola
  • Connie Ede
An Interview written by Sally Trucker
I was born in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Minneapolis in 1947. I attended Southwest High School and graduated from the University of Minnesota. My first paid job was baby-sitting, but my first “real” job was at the Miracle Mile Kresge five and dime store. My first marriage ended in divorce in 1970, but blessed me with 3 great sons; 2 live here in Minnesota and 1 lives in Houston, TX.  This provided me with 4 grandchildren, 2 girls and 2 boys. We had no grandchildren and then Charlie and I had 3 in one week! The 3 oldest are going to be 17 in December.
 I had dated Charlie in college and married his fraternity brother. Charlie was in my first wedding and my first husband was in his! 6 of us palled around together until I sort of lost track of Charlie until 1971, when he called and we started dating – again. 
We were married in July of 1972 and, as a result of that, I acquired 3 more (step) grandchildren for a total of 7.  Charlie was in the boat business and we moved from Minneapolis in 1975 to Poplar Bluff, MO, then to Austin, TX, Boca Raton, Fl, back to Austin, then to Monticello, AR, Little Rock, AR and, finally, back home to Minnetonka. 
We lived in Tonkawood Croft (across from Groveland School) and, when we moved in 1975, they were just beginning to build Breconwood. So, when we decided to come “home”, we chose Breconwood, no question!! I was able to pick right up where I left off with my high school and college friends. We have vacationed together at one friend’s cabin for 40 years! I’ve loved my time in Breconwood. 
When Charlie was alive, he was Breconwood’s President for 5 years and, after he retired, I took on the job of Secretary. This is my 7th year. I’ve also been the liaison between pool companies and our wonderful Breconwood pool for the last 6 years. I’ve been involved in our Bridge group, our luncheon group, our book club and also enjoyed sharing wine and conversation with my wonderful neighbors. 
Who would I like to have dinner with? First and foremost, Charlie (if I could!) and then, I think, Johnny Carson or even the whole Rat Pack! Charlie passed away in 2011 and we scattered his ashes in his favorite spot: Lac la Croix, Canada where we had honeymooned and taken the family for almost 40 years. God’s Country, he used to call it.

Minnetonka Leaf Drop Off Information

Posted 4/21/2014


Spring:  open Monday/Tuesday/Saturday thru May 17

Fall:  open Monday/Tuesday/Saturday, Sept. 15 to Nov 22

(Hours vary by day, see chart at right)


Leaf drop-off procedures:

The city leaf drop-off site is “bag free.” Residents will unload and/or unbag their leaves and yardwaste onto the large bulk pile and take all empty bags home for reuse or disposal—including paper and compostable bags. Please bring proper equipment, like a stout pitch fork, to unload your truck or trailer load of leaves.

The suggested method is to use many layers of tarps between layers of about a foot of leaves. Use a tarp to gather up and move a small pile of leaves from your yard to your trailer or vehicle, layering the leaves and tarps until the vehicle is full. This makes unloading your leaves easier and faster at the site. All you need to do is flip off the tarps between the layers of leaves.

Loads of leaves must be covered during transport!

Acceptable leaf drop-off materials

Sticks and branches smaller than 1/2 inch in diameter are acceptable with leaves; anything larger goes to the brush pile. 


Spring Reminders

Posted 4/21/2014

Spring has sprung and so has litter and some other not-so-nice to walk in stuff.

Don't embarrass your pet. Remember it's your job to clean up after them when walking in Breconwood. Also pets must be leashed while walking in Breconwood.

Clean your gutters so they don't overflow and damage brick, flood furnace areas or otherwise damage property.

No overnight parking on streets in Breconwood. A garageful of cars or treasures is not an excuse to park on the street overnight.

When having fires please use dry, clean wood. Wet wood smells bad and the rest of us would like to have our windows open now that spring is here.

As you're walking in Breconwood help to keep our streets clean by picking up litter.

When grass cutting season begins if you have cars in your driveway the mowers will need to stay a certain distance from your driveway to protect the drivers and your car. You may have some trimming to do.













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