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Breconwood is a community of 88 twinhomes in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is located just a half mile from Lake Minnetonka and a short walk to the crossroads of Highway 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard (known as “Ty Abel’s Corner”), which offers a unique collection of shops and services. Our residents enjoy the privacy of a mature suburban setting, the many conveniences of association living, and the company of like-minded neighbors. 

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Street Sweeping Scheduled

   - Posted 9/16/2014

Breconwood and Tioga are scheduled to be swept Tuesday morning the 23rd.


Pool Closes for Season

   - Posted 9/10/2014 by Sally Trucker

 The Breconwood pool will close for the season on Sunday, the 14th at 10:00 pm. Thanks for a great season.


Breconwood Community Fall Garage Sale

   - Posted 9/5/2014 submitted by Jon Broun
The annual Fall Breconwood Garage Sale will be September 18, 19 and 20, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8:00 to 4:00 each day.
An ad will be placed on Craig's List and the Lakeshore Weekly. Signs will be put at each entrance for the sale days.
Perennials Needed
   - Posted 9/4/2014 by Irene Kostka

Now that drainage work is completed for this year we need plants to help keep soil in place and to improve the appearance of some areas. One of the areas is the retaining wall by the pool (which gets some sun) that will be replaced this September and a few other very shady areas.

If anyone has any plants that you're dividing etc. and wish to donate please email or call me and you can drop them at my house. Thanks.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

   - Posted 9/3/2014

Just a reminder. If you haven't cleaned your dryer vent lately it's a good idea to do it before winter. A clogged vent can cause your dryer not to work properly and it can also cause fire. Protect yourself and your neighbor by having it cleaned.


For Sale: Stacked Washer/Dryer

    - Posted 9/1/2014

Connie Ede has a stacked Maytag washer/dryer unit for sale for $300. Call 612-741-2702.



August Breconwood Newsletter

 - Posted 8/27/2014 by Nan Nicolle
   - Held August 13, 2014
Present:  D. Olmsted, J. Broun, N. Nicolle, J. Warner, I. Kostka, C. Buikema, J. Jones, G. Klacan, K McKnight and S. Trucker.
Guests:  D. and O. Gatz, H. Campbell, P. Jones, P. Olsen, K. Olsen and K. Vesterstein.
Guests: A resident requested we revisit his request to be allowed to rent his unit which had been denied.
Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun:  All dues current for July. Jon reported on insurance increases for H. Campbell.  Our insurance rates have gone up considerably for the period of 8-1-14 to 7-31-15. Three firms bid and our present carrier, American Family, was still the lowest bidder. The $7000 increase will place us over budget for insurance.  H. Campbell will be retiring so we need to find a new insurance person.  
The contingency fund was used for payment for the drainage work. As repairs continue through the summer we remain in line with the budget. Any questions, please contact Jon at jtbroun@gmail.com.
Pool and Tennis Court, S. Trucker: Close to 1000 sign- ins by 8/3/14. New glides were placed on the legs of the furniture. When you leave the pool area, please lift the chairs and tables and put them back where you found them.
Trees, G. Klacan:  Meeting Thursday with Lifetime to discuss the dead pines along Breconwood Rd. He walked the community with Steve from TreeCare and they determined that several trees would have to be removed.  
Landscaping, K. McKnight:  Bushes need trimming along Minnetonka Blvd.  I. Kostka stated that she will check with Brookside and see if that work can be done by lawn service in the Fall.  C. Buikema questioned the possibility of a sidewalk along Minnetonka Blvd east to Hwy 101. He will check with the City.
Lawn, I. Kostka:  There are lots of weeds due to the early Spring rains.  They will be sprayed the week of August 18.  We held off until after the Art and Garden Walk scheduled for the previous weekend. Dirt and seed has been applied. PLEASE WATER. There have been no complaints about the lawn service this month. 
Architecture, C. Buikema and I. Kostka:  17641Breconwood Rd. was given approval for a new gate and approval was given at 17665 Breconwood Rd. to extend a fence back by the furnace to improve the view from the patio. A request to enlarge the patio at 17651 Breconwood Rd. was approved.  Discussion was held as to the type of fence to be installed at 17910 Brigham Trail.
Maintenance, J. Warner: We sided 7 buildings this year and are starting the painting process of same this week.  We have 22 buildings to go, so we are at the halfway point.  Chris Woods our handyman has finished most of the repairs for this year, which included filling driveway cracks.  The painting volunteers have been hard at work keeping our fencing looking good. 
A letter will be going out to residents that need to add downspout extensions to their gutters or need to consider adding gutters.  Reasons: the backsplash from the water from the roofs deteriorate the brick, cause the sidewalks to slant towards the house which causes eroding the soil under the sidewalk and then under the building foundation.  Had requested our masonry/brick contractor to inform us of the addresses where he saw this as a problem.  $30,000.00 worth of repair to our brick and masonry this year…not all because of lack of gutters but it is a goodly portion of our costs.  Sinkhole at top of driveway at 17710 Breconwood Rd which may be due to water run-off at the corner of the garage and apron. It has been discussed with Mn. Masonry and Mn. Roadways will be putting a camera down in the area and the fix might be sand and soft cement and driveway repair.  Recent drainage work has been done at this residence and owner will be adding gutters. 
Old Business:  Drainage, I. Kostka:  Drainage projects have been completed at:  17660 Breconwood Rd (Owner’s expense), 17720, 17730, 17705, 17710, 17711 and the area between the pool building and 17730 – all Breconwood Rd.  The total cost to the Association was $3323 paid to Distinctive Landscaping. Residents paid their shares directly to Distinctive.
Reformatted Rules & Regulations, J. Warner: Discussion began on the format but, because of time limitations, it was decided to call a “working meeting” prior to the next Board Meeting to finish the discussion.
New Business:  D. Olmsted read a note from the residents on a Breconwood Rd. cul de sac thanking J. Warner for working with them with regard to dumpster parking for the re-siding projects.
The September HOA Board meeting will be held in the Minnetonka Mills Room of the Minnetonka Community Center at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.


  • The Breconwood Ladies’ Luncheon is held the first Wednesday of the month at D’Aimco’s in Wayzata at 11:30 a.m.  Call Gwen McKernan if you have questions.
  • The Reader’s Book Group meets the third Saturday of the month – social time at 9:30 a.m. with the book discussion at 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.  Call Nan Nicolle if you are interested in attending- Book for September is Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
  • Men’s Breakfast Group  meets at the Beanhaven in Deephaven on Fridays at 9:30 am. Questions – call Bob Haskin



Minnetonka Leaf Drop Off Information

   - Posted 4/21/2014


Fall Schedule:  open Monday/Tuesday/Saturday, Sept. 15 to Nov 22

(Hours vary by day, see chart at right)


Leaf drop-off procedures:

The city leaf drop-off site is “bag free.” Residents will unload and/or unbag their leaves and yardwaste onto the large bulk pile and take all empty bags home for reuse or disposal—including paper and compostable bags. Please bring proper equipment, like a stout pitch fork, to unload your truck or trailer load of leaves.

The suggested method is to use many layers of tarps between layers of about a foot of leaves. Use a tarp to gather up and move a small pile of leaves from your yard to your trailer or vehicle, layering the leaves and tarps until the vehicle is full. This makes unloading your leaves easier and faster at the site. All you need to do is flip off the tarps between the layers of leaves.

Loads of leaves must be covered during transport!

Acceptable leaf drop-off materials

Sticks and branches smaller than 1/2 inch in diameter are acceptable with leaves; anything larger goes to the brush pile. 














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