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Breconwood is a community of 88 twinhomes in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is located just a half mile from Lake Minnetonka and a short walk to the crossroads of Highway 101 and Minnetonka Boulevard (known as “Ty Abel’s Corner”), which offers a unique collection of shops and services. Our residents enjoy the privacy of a mature suburban setting, the many conveniences of association living, and the company of like-minded neighbors. 

Homeowners only


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Memorial Day Pool Party

 - Submitted by Sally Trucker

The annual Memorial Day/Welcome Spring pool party will be held a week later this year. The party will be on Sunday, May 31st, at 5:00. A notice will be placed on each mail box to give details.


Lawn Care

 - Posted 5/17/2015 by Irene Kostka

If the wind stops blowing and it's not raining, Brookside is scheduled to come out Monday and spray for weeds and fertilize. Please post your yard if you don't want these services.


April Breconwood Newsletter

April Board Meeting, April 14,2015

  - Posted 4/29/2015 by Nan Nicolle

Present:  D. Olmsted, J. Broun, N. Nicolle, J. Warner, I. Kostka, S. Trucker, G. Klacan and K. McKnight

Absent:  C. Buikema and J. Jones

Guests:  D. and O. Gatz

Treasurer’s Report, J. Broun:  all dues are current.  If you need information on the sale of your home, contact Jon at 952-484-8011 or email at  HYPERLINK "mailto:JonBroun@gmail.com" JonBroun@gmail.com.  We are in line with the budget and expect to begin projects soon and remain within budget throughout the summer.  The Annual Review is complete and will be handed out at the Annual Meeting in May.

Website, I. Kostka:  The website has had its’ problems the last 6 months.  We are looking into another website company that may better fit our needs. ClubExpress.com, an online website management system has been suggested.  It would provide us with tech support and more options for setting up the website at a similar cost. We will get a refund from our present company if we change providers. It was suggested that information regarding a home for sale be placed on the website, written by the homeowner. 

Pool and Tennis Court, S. Trucker:  Sally is rallying her team for the 2015 season.  We have paid the pool company for opening and closing, so, as soon as weather permits we will open

Landscaping, K. McKnight:  Kerry will contact S. Holstad to see if she will do the triangle and the Minnetonka entrance this season. Kerry will look into the question of whether or not a survey was done on the north side of Breconwood Rd.

Lawn Service, I. Kostka:  Brookside will be out the week of the 20th of April to do spring lawn clean-up and assess lawn damage from plowing.  Repair and seed/sod will be completed when the ground is ready.  Garden debris pick-up will be once a month on the first Tuesday of each month.  The first pick up will be Tuesday, May 5th

Maintenance, J. Warner: Brick work repair, based on October 2014 MN Masonry inspection, is now completed. If you were asked or know that you need gutters, please install them and direct the water away from the foundation. Street Captains are starting their inspections and, with this information, repairs will begin. The list is started on the need for shingle repairs.  C. Woods will be doing our general repairs again this year. Joan expects to receive bids on siding this week as well as the timing of the work.  When the contract is finalized, Joan will inform the Owners involved. 46 sections of sidewalks need repairing to prevent tripping or runoff toward the foundation.  It will be noted on your property inspection if this is necessary on your property.

New Business: Joan attended a Council meeting where the application for a wine and 3.2 beer license was requested by Lifetime Fitness.  The question of noise was discussed and the Police said that they had had several complaints regarding the noise.  It was hoped that the hours that the café was open would be reasonable.

The Spring Garage Sale will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 14th, 15th and 16th of May from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A plea for residents to apply for nomination to the Board of Directors will appear in the Newsletter and on the website.  Participation in the activities of Breconwood is imperative in order to avoid professional property management.

The Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Community Center.  We would like to encourage anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors to call S. Trucker at 952-475-2967 in order to be included in the nominations.

*********Special note about hand delivered newsletters: We are eliminating delivery to all residents that have email access to the internet. We would like to have ALL neighbors participate in the Breconwood Website. If you currently are not connected, please contact Irene Kostka for instructions for this process. 


Homes for Sale

   - Posted by Irene Kostka

Homes in Breconwood that are for sale by realtor or owner may have a brief one-time listing on the Home Page of the Breconwood website.

Listing can include address, price, description of home, contact information.

If you have any questions please email me.


Garden Debris Pickup

    - Posted 4/20/2015 by Irene Kostka

Yard and garden debris pickup will begin on Tuesday, May 5. Please have debris to curb by 8:00 a.m. on pick up day. Unless notified in advance all pickups will be on the first Tuesday of each month.

Pickups include garden debris, leaves, twigs (less than an inch wide). All leaves and garden debris need to be bagged. No plastic bags are allowed. Only compost pile friendly bags will be picked up. Twigs can be left in a small pile near bags.

Any questions please e-mail me.


Garden Debris, Twigs and Leaves

   - Posted 4/11/2015 by Irene Kostka

Garden debris, twigs and leaves are not allowed in the trash you put out for pick-up on Mondays. The trash haulers aren't suppose to pick-up your container if they know it has any yard debris.

The City of Minnetonka has a drop-off area for these items and the times and days it is open are listed on eminnetonka the City's website.

Brookside, our lawn service, will begin a monthly pick-up in May.

If you have questions please email me.


Property Inspection

   - Posted 4/10/15

It is property inspection time. The street captains or their helpers will be coming around to check the buildings, fences, common areas in your yard and anything else that comes under the header association maintenance or homeowner issues that could cause maintenance or rule violation issues for the association. They will be filling out this form for each side of a building

Patio and/or Sidewalks _____________________________________________________ Driveways________________________________________________________________

Trees and Shrubs__________________________________________________________ Lawns___________________________________________________________________

Fences__________________________________________________________________ Caulking_________________________________________________________________

Siding/Fascia/trim___Front_____________________Side__________________________________________ Rear________________________________________________________ Brickwork/Tuckpointing__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Set Priority 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   (1 = highest)     WP = Woodpecker holes  PT = Paint   R = repair   REP = replace

Please be respectful of their time and appreciative of their volunteering to do this for your street


1. You need to call or email your street person; Brigham Trail – Jon Broun, Comstock Road – Orv Gatz (phone only), Tioga Trail – Walt Rasula and Breconwood Road – Irene Kostka NOW and set an appointment time.  If you do not want your property inspected, you could be responsible for any later incurred maintenance expenses not the association. 

2. When we schedule maintenance to be done,  the person doing the work cannot come on your time schedule as they will be working on the entire complex and extra costs could be incurred by the Association which would be unreasonable to expect. Locked gate people will need to work with their street captains or the Maintenance chairperson, Joan Warner, when repairs need to get done. 

ALL HOMEOWNERS PLEASE NOTE: You are our “home eyes” if you know of things that need repair, please let the street captain know as they can miss things. They appreciate your working with them.  A copy of the inspection report for your building will be sent to you either via email or regular mail after they have been turned over to the Maintenance chairperson. If you see problems missed, contact your street captain immediately.


Joan Warner


2015 Breconwood Directory Changes

   - Posted 1/21/2015 by Irene Kostka

Unfortunately there are more corrections for the 2015 directory. Please make them in your paper directory.

Greer - remove emergency number.

Macrae - take the e off son.

Rasula - remove Mary's name on the back listing.

Rhodes - the correct phone number is 952-236-7722. (remove the 952-405-8232 number)

Brackett - annlbrackett@gmail.com is the correct email (2 t's on name)

Pilkington - correct email to read diannapilkington@gmail.com

Thanks everyone.





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